Madonna Reveals Being Raped At Knife Point While Making It In New York

madonnaWriting at the Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s “The Daring Issue”, pop star Madonna revealed one very personal truth about her life.

Madonna, 55, revealed that while she was raped at knifepoint, when she was young and trying to make it in New York. She wrote that New York wasn’t welcoming to her when she first arrived. She said during the first year she was held at gunpoint and raped on the roof of a building with a knife pointed at her back. She also added that her apartment was robbed three times and had nothing of value after they stole her radio.

The “Girl Gone Wild” singer didn’t give any details about the attack, which she earlier mentioned at an interview in 1995, but later published in her 2007 memoirs, as per Hollywood Reporter.

However, Madonna she did share her ups and downs while trying to make it big in New York.
She said the tall buildings and city’s massive scale took her breath away as if she was plugged into a new universe. The singer still calls the city her home.

Madonna said to earn money, she posed naked for art students, and was hell-bent on surviving. She said it was hard and felt lonely, but felt alive and scare less, and the hard time only made her stronger.

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