Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures Will Drive You Nuts!!

Lucy Pinder. One of the most successful glamour models on the UK scene. She has a huge following, and is a regular in lads mags like Nut’s, Maxim, Zoo etc.

But Nuts Magazine has done it again, securing an exclusive photoshoot with Lucy Pinder, bringing these incredibly sexy Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures to their latest edition. So we’re kicking off the weekend with style, publishing these pictures directly from Nuts magazine.

In the interview inside the mag, Lucy was asked if she had to snog a woman, who would it be, Lucy replied by saying: “I think Megan Fox is very sexy. I wouldn’t mind kissing her on the lips.” – Me too Lucy. Me too.

When asked how her sex drive is, she said: “High!! Definitely above average. I think it’s important to have a similar sex drive to your partner because sex is so important in a relationship, and a high sex drive is always better.

Consider your weekend officially kicked off. What do you think of these Lucy Pinder Pictures?? Comments below please….

Lucy Pinder Nuts Pictures


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