Lindsay Lohan Tweets That She’s Pregnant On April Fool’s Day

lindsay lohanWas Lindsay Lohan successful in pulling an April Fool’s Day prank?

The 26-year-old “Lick & Dick” actress posted on Twitter late night on April 1 that “it’s official” and “she pregnant”. Her followers were anxiously waiting for Lindsay to confirm it as a joke. So far, the actress didn’t confirm or dismiss her pregnancy announcement as true or false.

The “Mean Girls” star, who was sentenced recently to serve 90 days in rehab, was last seen arriving by a helicopter in Brazil and nearly caused a serious wardrobe malfunction by almost spilling her maxi outfit while coming out of her ride.

Lindsay claimed that she’s been on her best behavior since she was sentenced to rehab. She denied Twitter reports that she’s been spotted parting in San Diego last month and said her fans not to believe everything they hear unless they hear it from her.

Whether her fans should believe her pregnancy rumors from her most recent tweet remains unclear though.

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