Lindsay Lohan To Feature In Lady Gaga’s Upcoming Music Video

Things are going really good for Lindsay Lohan these days. Portraying as Elizabeth Taylor in “Liz & Dick”, biopic and starring alongside Charlie Sheen in “Scary Movie 5”, now she is back in the music world.

Lady Gaga has asked Lindsay to star in one of her music video, from her upcoming album, ARTPOP. Lohan’s reps haven’t confirmed the news yet but sources say the two stars have become close friends and wanted to work together soon.

Regarding the collaboration rumors a source told E! News, the friendship between the two women is for real.

Lindsay and Gaga created an uproar on the internet when both began tweeting each other casually and started to hanging out at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel.

An insider said, Gaga likes Lindsay very much and Lindsay is also very happy to work with her. She really admires and respects Gaga and her music, the insider adds.

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