Lindsay Lohan Braless Retail Romp

Lindsay Lohan normally loves the opportunity for more media exposure, but yesterday she really wasn’t happy about being photographed by the paparazzi.

The seemingly-talentless socialite was seen ‘nipping’ into the American Apparel Store, but not to find a bra. In the store, Lindsay, AKA ‘LiLo‘ was reportedly flirting with another customer while waiting at the checkout. The pap’s observed the ‘Mean Girls‘ actress smiling and giggling as they chatted.

Upon leaving the store, Lindsay proceeded to use her pink scarf to cover her face as she tried her to get to her car, but perhaps she should have used the scarf to cover up her chest.

6 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Braless Retail Romp

  1. I had been checking for details with Lindsay Lohan getting discharged from prison and landed here. All I am able to point out is that I am glad with the fact that Lindsay Lohan is finally let go from prison. The lady may have a big problem and is required to take on responsibility. The situation is very difficult for me to believe that she will realize the best ways to resolve her dilemma simply because the state of California is certain that they can compel her. What she definitely requires is narcotic abuse rehab. I pray that she discovers tranquility. And I trust that we are not getting played if she is not just doing all of this merely to receive media focus?

  2. I just read that Ms. Lohan is now returning to rehab. It is almost certainly the fifth time. I genuinely expect that she may possibly make it this time around. The thing she is heading for is more imprisonment or death. I also have high hopes for her and know that she is not really performing this for self-promotion.

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