Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked in a hotel room in New York City

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly assaulted by a man named Christian LaBella at her hotel room in New York City early morning on Sunday. But charges were later dismissed.

Apparently, Christian LaBella attacked Lindsay after she faced him of snapping several photos and videos of her in the hotel room, where her friends were visiting after hanging out at 1 Oak in New York. After she grabs hold of his phone, he allegedly pushed into the bed and tried to choke her. Lindsay didn’t incur any bruises, but she had some scratch marks from the fight.

NYPD issued a statement saying, police arrived at the W Hotel after the phone call for assault. The man was arrested and taken into custody around 6am and was charged this afternoon.

The “Mean Girls” actress representatives later confirmed that Lindsay was assaulted this morning. She received some injuries but was not hospitalized. Police has spoken with Lindsay about the incident and is fully cooperating with the investigation.

Meanwhile, LaBella was charged with two misdemeanor accounts for assault and two harassment charges. But the police later dropped the charges.

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