Lily Allen Hit’s Up 2010 Brit Awards Red Carpet (PICS)

Lily Allen is always up for a good time, so it was not surprise when she walked up the red carpet at the 2010 Brit Awards in London earlier this evening.

The Fear singer was seen with a bangy new hairdo and a gorgeous black dress as she flashed her pearly whites fort he paparazzi.

Lily Allen has been nominated for three Brit Awards, but says she’s not holing out any hope of being a big winner tonight.

I never win awards for my music – ever – and I’m not holding out any hopes tonight. My chances are pretty slim because Florence and the Machine are obviously the favorite in the Best Female category. I don’t think my album is the best album of the year, even though I’ve got more sales than everyone bar Susan Boyle.

Lily Allen Pictures at Brit Awards 2010

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