Lady GaGa Looks Like a Total Freak at Brit Awards 2010

Lady GaGa was the first to arrive at the Brit Awards Red Carpet this evening, and she certainly made a lasting impression.

She looked like a total freak in her traditionally flamboyant style wearing a white pompadour wig, an embroidered face mask and a she teamed that with a pleated, tiered white gown, ensuring all eyes were on her.

Lady GaGa 2010 Brit Awards Red Carpet Pictures

2 thoughts on “Lady GaGa Looks Like a Total Freak at Brit Awards 2010

  1. I think it's quite rude to describe her as looking 'like a total freak', it's her style and it's what makes her stand out. It's the only way someone can truly stand out in this business. I'm not saying she looks great but she served her purpose and made her impression.

  2. “Total freak”?
    Honestly that statement is quite rude.
    I love her dress and the fact that’s she’s able to pull off that wig. I know I wouldn’t be able to.

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