Lady GaGa Bring’s Her Bizarre Style to 2010 Grammy Awards (PICS)

Everybody knows Lady GaGa. She’s one of the hottest names in show business right now. And everybody knows she’s renowned for bringing her bizarre style wherever she goes.

And Lady GaGa certainly brought her unique style to the 2010 Grammy Awards last night, as she debuted a bizarre outfit which incorporated large metal stars, and a dress which I’m seriously struggling to describe, so ill let you checkout the Lady GaGa Grammy Awards Dress in the pictures below.

The Poker Face singer dazzled as she walked up the red carpet and made her way inside. Lady GaGa was nominated for nine awards at the Grammy Awards, which is pretty impressive from an artist who has only been on the scene for a few years. And GaGa even managed to nab the opening slot due to her surging popularity.

Go Lady GaGa. Go!!!

Lady Gaga at 2010 Grammy Awards

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