Kim Kardashian Launches Fragrance Line at Sephoria

Kim Kardashian managed to fit in some promotional duties ahead of this weekends big Superbowl Game.

Stopping by at Sephora in Miami, Kim Kardashian debuted her new signature fragrance on Thursday. Sporting a sexy red dress, the reality TV star happily posed for pictures as she chatted with her guests.

The fragrance launch comes just days after Kim was granted a permanent restraining order against as man who has been following her for months. 26-year-old Dennis Shaun Bowman was the subject of the restraining order. Miss Kardashians brief said: “Mr. Bowman willingly entered into a written agreement to stay away from Ms. Kardashian.

Shawn Chapmen Holley, Kim’s attorney continued: “This morning’s court order simply enforces the agreement between both parties.

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch

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