Kelly Clarkson Rocks Out in Orange County

Kelly Clarkson made an appearance at the Orange County Fair on Thursday July 23rd, and put on a stunning performance for the audience.

The award-winning 27-year-0ld American Idol winner was wearing a David Bowie t-shirt, and sung her heart out during some fist-pumping power ballads for the enthusiastic crowd at the Pacific Amphitheatre.

This is Kelly Clarkson‘s first gig since being out of the spotlight for the last two years, and she managed to prove she could still deliver a stunning set.

In related news, Kelly will be part of VH1’s Diva’s Concert, after the music giant decided to bring the Diva’s franchise. Kelly will be joined by Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Adele and a few other artists which are yet to be named.

The VH1 Diva’s live event is due back in September.

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