Katy Perry Rejects “American Idol” Offer Of $20 Million!

katy Pery
It seems like the producers of the “American Idol” are desperate to fill in one of its empty judge seats. So much that they even offered Katy Perry around a whooping $20 million!
But Perry still turned them down.

Sources near to the production team told TMZ that, the “Idol”, producers’ relentlessly tried for weeks for Perry to get her on the board, offering her $18 million at first. They were even ready to cough up even more cash if needed, sources say.

That’s $20 million contract just for one year!

However, Katy made it clear that money wasn’t the issue here as she wasn’t interested in the show.

According to sources, it’s impossible for Katy with her busy schedule to do the show and besides she thinks that judging singing contestants isn’t her thing.

The recently divorced Katy Perry and John Mayer has been spotted dating together for few weeks but have decided to split up eventually.

Earlier Katy Perry divorced Russell Brand on July this year.

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