Katie Price Admits To ‘Making Mistakes’ In Marriage To Peter Andre

Last May Katie Price and Peter Andre split up and have been involved in a public battle ever since and now a source has claimed that Price has some regrets about her behaviour during her marriage to Peter Andre.

A source told Now magazine: “The war with Pete is worse than ever.Jordan’s trying to hate the person she loves and admits it’s all her own fault that they’re in this mess. She wishes they could start their relationship again and be a happy family, but she keeps these feelings buried, so the only side anyone sees is the spiteful one.”

An insider also said: “She’s finally admitting to herself and friends the part she played in the demise of their marriage.The problem is that the chance of this revelation having any impact on Pete is pretty slim and she knows that.”

They continued: “They’re locked in a war of words that neither wants, but they can’t see a way to work it out.”

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