Katie Holmes And Suri’s Mercedes Hit By A Garbage Truck

It’s been three weeks since Katie Holmes, 33, got divorced from Tom Cruise and the city life in New York isn’t going on that smooth for her – literally.

On Monday night, the Mercedes she and her daughter Suri Cruise, 6, got hit by a garbage truck, the police confirmed. However, there were no injuries.

Sources say, Katie and Suri were departing the Chelsea Piers, a sports and recreational complex, near their New Manhattan apartment, when a turning garbage truck pounded into their Mercedes.

Katie wasn’t driving the car but Suri was crying, the source added. A police report was filed once Katie and her daughter reached home.

This is the second car accident they had within four days. Last Friday, their vehicle was hit by a paparazzi car when they were returning home from FAO Schwarz toy shop.

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