Kathleen Hanna: ‘Miley Cyrus Is Just Crap’

Ex- Bikini Kill front woman told GRITtv that “Miley Cyrus is just crap” and that she prefers to “focus on good art and music”

She said “I think there’s a lot of great things happening, there’s a lot of great women in bands. Transactivism has come a huge long way from when we first started. Not just for all different kinds of women, but also for gay and lesbian kids.”

When we tour round the country we see all these GBLT groups that are forming in high schools, and that was just unheard of when I was a kid. So I think things are really hopeful.

She was also asked  about what she thought of Cyrus’ pole dancing at Fox’s Teen Choice awards, saying that “I don’t. I just think that that stuff’s crap and I don’t care about it. There’s so much good art and literature and music to choose from.

She also said that “It’s great if that stuff hasn’t been completely invaded by creepy people and ruined. I wanna read great books and go to great shows and see great art.”

So do you agree with the statement that Miley is “Crap” or not, leave your comments below …

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