Justin Bieber’s Second Portugal concert cancelled

Justin Bieber had cancelled his second scheduled concert in Portugal on March 12, the venue’s website said on Monday, March 11. Justin planned two concerts for Portugal.

A source close to the 19-year-old Canadian pop sensation said that the cancelled concert is not connected to Justin’s sudden collapse on-stage in his London concert past week, but due to unexpected circumstances. The collapse forced Justin to take a 20-minute off for oxygen and later taken to a hospital.

The website Pavilhao Atlantico in a statement, however, said the singer was very eager to perform for his Portuguese fans on March 11, but didn’t elaborate why the March 12 gig has been cancelled. But local media reported that the March 12 concert had to be cancelled as ticket sales were lower than expected.

Justin has rose to fame when he was discovered on YouTube in 2008 and since then he became one of the world’s biggest pop star with millions of fans worldwide.

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