Justin Bieber Releases New Song “All That Matters”

justin bieberAfter promising his fans that he’ll release a new song every week consecutively for 10 weeks as part of his “Music Mondays Project”, its looks like Justin Bieber is keeping is promise.

Justin, 19, has just released his newest single, “All That Matters” on Monday, Oct. 14. Later he went to Twitter, where he explained the lines of his new song saying that that the lyrics of the song is very much self explanatory, which is basically, when you love someone, that someone will make you whole.

He continued that he feels like anybody else who’s been in love. The song also explains that being in love is one of earth’s greatest feelings. He also added that love is all that matters and you feel emptiness you feel when that love is lost is heartbreaking.

Justin went on to say that he worked very hard in the studio while making this song for putting that feeling into his music.

“All That Matters” is the second song in 2 weeks from the teen sensation. Earlier he released, “Heartbreak”, which looks like he made this song about his split from his longtime former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Between all those revealing lyrics and breakup ballads, it appears that Justin is getting more personal on his new upcoming fourth album.

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