Justin Bieber Meets Selena Gomez Before Leaving For Europe

justin bieber selena gomezJustin Bieber, 19, made an unexpected trip before he headed to Europe for his Believe tour in Munich on Mar. 28.

The “Boyfriend” hitmaker made a brief stopover to his former girlfriend Selena Gomez’s house in Encino, California, while on his way to the airport.

A source told E! News exclusively that Justin arrived at Selena’s home at almost 3:30 PM and stayed there for just over an hour. The teen pop star accompanied by his bodyguard and passed through the front gates in a bus-like vehicle. Shortly, after Justin left, Selena was seen driving out from her house as she’s scheduled to leave LAX.

Justin and 20-year-old Disney star Selena broke up in November 2012 and later rekindled their romance and then again they split up in January this year.

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