Justin Bieber Joins Ozzy Osbourne for Superbowl Ad

What do you get when you have the music industry’s youngest pop sensation, Justin Bieber, with the prince of darkness himself that is practically 100 years old that goes by the name Ozzy Osbourne? You’ll get a 30-second ad that will make its debut appearance during the Superbowl telecast.

Excited about the shoot, the 17-year-old announced to his millions of Twitter followers that he’s doing something fun – but didn’t explain more as it was top secret. It was only a couple of days after that Justin admitted that he had shot a commercial with Ozzy Osbourne.

Apart from the picture shown, where the two dressed in futuristic outfit, not much is known about the storyline.

Justin did say though that he had fun shooting the funny commercial and is looking forward to his fans to catch the ad on TV. The funny Best Buy ad will be aired in the third quarter of the Superbowl game.

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