Justin Bieber Hope’s to Make Sweet Music with Taylor Swift

As Canadian cutie Justin Bieber continues to rise to stardom, he has voiced his desires to work with another hugely successful star, Blonde bombshell country-singer Taylor Swift.

15-year-old Justin Bieber spoke to the press to say: “I would love to work with Taylor in the future. She’s a great writer, songwriter, musician, singer, so she’s an all-round great person. I think it would be great.”

It’s really not surprising that Justin wants to form ties with Taylor Swift. Taylor was the highest-grossing female singer in the US in 2009, pulling in a cool $86 million dollars for herself and her record label, so for Justin to work with Taylor, it would really push him into the spotlight and advance his own music career at the same time.

Funnily enough though, Justin had a bit of an unfortunate incident while working with Swift in the past. “I actually broke my foot on stage performing with Taylor Swift,” Justin said. “I was opening up for her, which was a lot of fun — although it definitely wasn’t fun when I broke my foot. I was running and there was a little dip in the stage, and I rolled my ankle and broke it. I finished the song but it was still a great night.

Justin Bieber Wants Music with Taylor Swift

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