Justin Bieber Causes Chaos In Central London on Monday

As Justin Bieber continues with his European promotional tour, he stopped off in London today for an album signing with his avid fans, stopping at the Westfield Shopping Center in London.

Justin was there to sign a copy of his new album, named Justin Bieber – My World, bringing with him an excessive security team, most of who are ex-military. Justin’s record label presumably insisted on tight security for the 15-year-old Canadian cutie given the fact that Leona Lewis was assaulted while at a book signing recently.

Justin and his security team had to work their way through packed crowds of female fans, all of whom were screaming for the attention of the young star. His young female fans even have their own name, ‘The Biebettes’.

Justin Bieber will be continuing his promotional tour until he makes his way back to America later this month to present award at the Annual Grammy Awards. Joining the likes of Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and more. Bieber will take to the stage on January 31st 2010.

Justin Bieber Album Signing In London

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