Jonas Brothers Play The Garden in Boston

The Jonas Brothers rocked out  at the Garden on Saturday night in Boston, finishing the the second of the two sold out concerts at the venue.

Before the concert, Nick Jonas and his two brothers spent a little time in Brockton playing a baseball game at the Campanelli Stadium, which is the home of the Brockton Rox.

After their stop at The Garden in Boston, The Jonas Brothers headed to Long Island for the next stop of their sell-out tour at the Nassau Coliseum.

In related news, reports spread through the Internet recently that Nick Jonas presented Miley Cyrus with a $75,000 commitment ring, however Miley Cyrus put the brakes on the rumours by taking to her twitter account to say:

Sooo I woke up this morning and thought id check up on the daily gossip and apparently Nick Jonas gave me a $75,000 ring? Its all true. Ha!

The Hannah Montana babe then quickly Tweeted again saying “P.S. My last tweet was very sarcastic. Don’t believe anything until I tweet it. (unless its good of course hehe)

Checkout the Jonas Brothers video also at the bottom of this post.

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