John And Edward Thankful For The X Factor

Jedward have recently released their first single ‘ Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)’ and the Irish twins have said that they are so thankful for The X Factor and the opportunities it gave them because it opened new doors and closed old ones for them.

Vanilla Ice have played a part in their single because he released ‘Ice Ice Baby’ in the 90s and John and Edward grimes have claimed that they were very excited when they met him.

John said: “Ice Ice Baby came out two years before we were born but we love the song. When you meet famous people you have an image of them and hope they’re like that, and he was better. Without him, Eminem wouldn’t be here. He’s the original gangster.”

John was asked if Vanilla Ice gave them any advice and he replied: “He gave us advice on how to rap and pronounce the words. He’s so friendly and down to earth. Madonna went out with him for eight months. He’s been there. Oh my God!”

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