John And Edward: `Don’t Write Us Off Yet’

Recently Jedward released their 1st single ‘under pressure (ice ice baby)’ and last sunday it went to number 2 in the charts, it got beaten by Owl City – Fireflies.

‘under pressure (ice ice baby)’ was originally released by vanilla ice but John and Edward grimes release of it features Vanilla Ice on the track.

An insider told the Daily Record “The physical copies of the single don’t go on sale until February 15 and there will be lots of people wanting one. They kept Timbaland’s new single at number three and did well to fend him off. It’s far too early to be writing them off yet.”

At the moment Jedward are joining all the other X Factor contestants for the live tour and Jedward are said to be performing three or four songs.

John commented: “We have three or four songs, and the others have two. It’s because of this year’s show and all the stuff there was about us. We are not going to complain, it’s what we are being told to do.”

A tour source added: “Some of the others who got further in the competition might not be too happy, but Jedward are the stars.”

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