Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift Meet up at iHeartRadio Music Festival

Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift way back in 2008 over the phone, but it’s been four years and they both got over each other. So don’t get any wild ideas. They will never and ever be together again. So Swift’s new beau, Conor Kennedy is safe.

It’s almost impossible for celebrities to avoid getting bumped into their formers, so it’s not surprising that Taylor Swift happened to bump into her former boyfriend, Joe Jonas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas last weekend.

The stars kissed and hugged when they met up one another backstage, instead of getting behind the curtains or running away. After all, Joe Jonas dumped the country music cutie over the phone in a call lasting only 27 seconds.

It appeared that both moved on from the past as one anonymous and trustful source told Us Weekly the former lovers has a friendly heart-to-heart chatter.
Very mature, indeed! We assume that Joe Jonas was just making sure that Taylor’s new single, “We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” isn’t really about him.

However, things didn’t patch up well with Jonas’s other ex, Demi Lovato, who also was at the festival. An insider said, they just completely avoided each other at the festival.


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