Joan Collins Says Jennifer Aniston Is Cute But Not Beautiful

English actress Joan Collins launches a harsh attack on Hollywood stars of today.The 77-year-old actress said that the public now were craved of beautiful people compared to the movie’s golden age which the beauties like Lana Turner, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner dominated.

The Dynasty actress said in Hello magazine that everybody on screen was beautiful when she was young and she has to say that there aren’t that many gorgeous actresses around Hollywood today, however, she only just mentioned Angelina Jolie.She said that Jennifer Aniston is cute but she wouldn’t really call the actress beautiful since for her, Jennifer’s neither Lana Turner nor Ava Gardner.

Collins had suggestion that part of the success and transformation of Cheryl Cole into the sweetheart of the nation is because of the fact that Cheryl’s undeniably gorgeous.She added that she thinks the reason why Cheryl Cole is very famous is because she’s so pretty and the public are starved of beautiful people.

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