JLS’s Oritse Williams Confronts Muggers

Around Christmas time Oritse Williams went down to a shop to buy a camera and as he left the shop, there were six thugs staring at him and trying to mug his camera so he confronted them and now ever since he is scared stiff of muggers.

Williams told contactmusic: “It was quite unsettling. I was in Currys. I could tell a gang of guys was watching. Outside, they started muttering behind saying ‘just grab him, mug him’ and daring each other on. I was on my own and thought I have to do something. So I charged up to them looking fierce and they looked a bit shocked. They stepped up and I ran away. I was shaking.”

Since becoming famous Oritse admitted that he can not even go out any more without even be recognized by fans!

The singer said: “I like to think I can take care of myself. But management told me I can’t practise martial arts now because I might damage my face. A black eye wouldn’t look good.”

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