JLS: ‘Sending Flirty Texts Is Dangerous’

The hottest boy band on the planet right now, JLS have claimed that they would never ever flirty text messages.

Band member Aston Merrygold told the Daily Star that he used to send flirty messages but he recently stopped. He said: “It’s too dangerous, man. When I was younger I used to send pics of myself topless to girls. But there’s no way we can do that now.”

Despite that, band member JB has admitted that he can’t even cope with the attention with all the girls. He said: “The women are crazy. We have had girls going up and down in a lift for 12 hours trying to catch us in a hotel. Bras and knickers are constantly being thrown at us on stage. One hit me in the face and I went to pick it up so loads of other girls took theirs off and threw them at us.”

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