Jessica Alba’s Stress Cure: Her Daughter

When you come to think of how celebrities cope with stress you instantly think that they keep themselves busy or go to the gym to do yogo but for Jessica Alba it’s a different matter, relief comes in the form of her daughter.

Alba said in the February issue of Self. “Honor is the best cure for stress, when i spend time with her, i get instant perspective. I can be hard on myself if i don’t do everything perfectly.  But now that I have her, there’s no time for that.”

She continued “Pregnancy was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. So i’ll take the stretch marks. I’ll take the sagging boobs. I’ll take the cellulite I can ever get rid of. If you walk around with your head held high and you’re happy and positive, then all that other stuff is irrelevant. Confidence is number one.”

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