Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Have Split Up

Jennifer Lawrence Nicholas HoultJennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are no longer a couple; they have split up, according to various sources.

Lawrence, 23, who was born in Kentucky and British boyfriend Hoult, 24, first met in 2011 at the set of, “X-Men: First Class”. The pair briefly ended their relationship in 2013, but they reconciled again for the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” movie.

Prior to their break up, the Oscar-winning actress maintained a long-distance relationship with Hoult, and Lawrence said it worked for them, as they weren’t worrying about taking their relationship to the next level.

The Hunger Games star told Marie Claire magazine in May that they both are very young, and if they lived in the same city, that only thing that could happen is that they’d will be living together. Lawrence also told that as this was way they can be in the same boat, and they could go out, know about each other and live their own lives.

Meanwhile, a source claimed that Lawrence and Hoult split up were very “amicable”, and it was their successful careers that made it hard for them to maintain their relationship. The insider said they couple spent a lot of time apart and it was hard in their relationship. Another source claimed that the couple ended their relationship a few months ago and their relationship failed because of their long-distance relationship and hectic work schedules.

According to British newspaper The Sun, things came to an end when Lawrence decided to attend the Christian Dior Show at the Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France, instead of taking a break and heading off to Wireless music festival to be with Hoult.

The source told the publication that Hoult became pretty upset when Lawrence opted to go the Dior Show instead of seeing him and hanging out with him. They split up on decent terms and they know that they’ll be back together at the set for the X-Men movie at the end of the year.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were last seen together as a couple in London in April. Nicholas is currently busy filming in Tokyo, Japan, for his upcoming sci-fi film, “Equals”, opposite Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.

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