Jennifer Lawrence Cuts Her Hair Short!

jennifer lawrenceThe inevitable has happened.

No one, not even Jennifer Lawrence, can endlessly dye, dry, straighten, curl and highlight their hair without facing the consequences.

The Hunger Games star has cut her hair short into a pixie hairdo. Why? Well, she told Yahoo!’s “Fireside Chat”, on Thursday, (Nov. 7), that her hair couldn’t get anymore uglier.

Jennifer, 23, who wore a chic black and white dress combined with a spike lariat necklace designed by Sydney Evan for the event, also told that she doesn’t know why she did it. She also admitted that she cut her hair earlier, and grew her hair to shoulder length and it grew into to an awkward length, which she had to always tie it into a bun. So, she eventually chopped it off.

During a Google+ hangout session, Jennifer also admitted that she cut off her hair because they were “fried”, thanks to excessive dyeing.

However, Hunger Games fans don’t have to worry. Jennifer, who plays District 12’s Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies, will still have the daring makeover as she will be wearing a wig. She also jokingly said she chopped her hair because she wanted to “annoy” the movie’s director Francis Lawrence.

Jennifer’s new movie, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, is expected to be released on Nov. 22 in the US.

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