Jennifer Aniston Spotted Shooting More Movie Scenes in Hawaii

It was reported that Jennifer Aniston is busy nowadays in shooting of more movie scenes in Hawaii.  She was engaged in giving the shots of “Just Go with It” movie yesterday in Maui, Hawaii.  In her comedy version she is giving shots with comedian Adam Sandler. She had a busy schedule throughout the day and changed her variety of outfits. Finally she had some rest in a navy tank with attractive shorts making visible her glamorous legs.

During the shooting of the movie scenes, she enjoyed in with her Nikon camera and had a chit chat with her mate stars Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler. According to the sources Jennifer revealed about her status of being a single with no children. She said that she is perfectly alright with her present life and as far as the children are concerned, she had a number of kids of her fellow stars to enjoy with on the set.

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