Jedward ‘Audition For Harry Potter, Hobbit’

Is there anything that Jedward don’t want to do? Well this time they have apparently auditioned for the next Harry Potter film: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows And The Hobbit.

It seems like everyone wants to work with John And Edward these days because they didn’t actually choose to go and audition, they got invited.

When speaking to the sun the pair hinted: “It would be really cool if we get the part, I’d like to play Hermione’s boyfriend.”

They also hinted “Filming starts in July in New Zealand and only lasts a month, so that will be a nice holiday for us. They were doing castings in Dublin so we went along.”

They continued: “We heard Ronan Keating has auditioned as well and it would be so cool if we were in it with him. We want to be in loads of different films and we’ve been offered so much different stuff but Louis [Walsh] decides what we do.”

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