Jay-Z and Beyoncé Celebrate Anniversary in Havana

beyonce jay-zJay-Z and Beyoncé are creating quite a stir in the Cuban capital Havana, where the couple is reportedly celebrating their fifth anniversary of their marriage.

The 43-year-old music mogul and rapper and his 31-year-old singer wife were mobbed by fans in dozens at La Guarida restaurant on Wednesday, April 3, and the police has be brought to keep the crowds away. Silvia Fernandez, a waitress at the restaurant said they pair had dinner with their mothers and a man she could recognize.

Later, on Thursday, Jay-Z and Beyoncé toured the colonial Old Havana and went into another restaurant with a spectacular rooftop terrace and a panoramic view of the harbor.

However, we weren’t clear why they travelled in Cuba in the first place.

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