Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Split Up

Jason Segel Michelle WilliamsIt’s over for Jason Segel and Michelle Williams.

The 33-year-old, How I Met Your Mother star and 32-year-old, The Oz the Great and Powerful actress dated for over a year before splitting up a few weeks ago, a source told People magazine.

The ex-couple said their long distance is the reason they broke up. Michelle resides in New York City while Jason mainly stays in Los Angeles, the source said.

A month earlier, Michelle told In Style magazine that she reminisced the public support she got from her relationship. She said that if people were happy about it then it makes her feel good.

Jason and Michelle were often spotted now and then with Michelle’s 7-year-old daughter, Matilda with her late husband Heath Ledger. During last fall, the pair was seen staying together in an apartment in Brooklyn.

The actors’ reps weren’t available for comments.

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