Jason Gardiner Is A ‘Horrible Man’ Says Mills

Dancing On Ice contestant Heather Mills, has now revealed how much her daughter doesn’t like Jason Gardiner. Mills daughter is 6 years old and called Beatrice and whenever he comes on TV she shouts at it.

Beatrice can apparantly do really good impression of him. Heather explained: “She comes along but I keep her off camera because I like to keep her life private for her and she decides what she does when she’s older, but she’s always on the side. But she shouts really loud, so she goes, ‘He’s a horrible man’.”

She continued: “She does this impersonation of him, and she says, ‘He wants everything to be perfect, and if it’s not perfect, then it’s not good’. So she does that all the time, every week. So thank goodness we keep her on the other side of the ice otherwise she’d be diving on Jason.”

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