James Franco Launches His Own Band, “Daddy”

James Franco isn’t satisfied of just being an actor, director, writer, soap star, stage producer, Ivy League college student and an awards show host on his resume. Now that he added musician on his career list. The name of Franco’s music band, “Daddy”.

It’s a debate of just how seriously the world take Franco’s Daddy, but this guy sold invisible art nicknamed, “an extravaganza of imagination” for 10 grand a piece last year.
However, Franco is treating his new music venture with a sense of gravitas. Daddy, was started by Franco alongside Tim O’Keefe, his college friend already has an EP on the line due to be released next week.

Franco’s Daddy also has its kaleidoscopic and beachy music video of their single, “Love in the Old Days” where Franco delivers about his parents loving relationship while O’Keefe sings the catchy chorus.

Meanwhile, Franco made a wise decision by including his glamorous Spring Breakers co-stars on the Instagram finished cover art for Daddy’s Motor City EP.
The music video of the “Love in the Old Days” debuted on RollingStone.com.

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