James Bond Back To the Big Screen in 2012

James Bond has escaped death so many times in the movies. Now, the spy extraordinaire has escaped the threat of being cut from production. 

Last year, rumors were rife about the gloom prospect of the new installment ever being made — after MGM Studios announced their bankruptcy. It has but been confirmed that the 23rd Bond film gets the green light from the new producers. 

While there were fears that Craig Daniel wouldn’t return to reprise his role as the ruthless James Bond, they were all but unfounded. Though the star has been busy filming other movies such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Cowboys and Aliens — Craig Daniel has pledged his return. Meanwhile, taking the helm of director is Sam Mendes — which directed the award-winning movie American Beauty. 

Production of the new Bond movie will begin later in the year and it will make its debut on the big screen on November 9 of next year.

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