Jackson’s Lawyers Recover Millions in Hidden Cash

Michael Jackson Hidden CashHows this for a twist in the story of Michael Jackson‘s sad demise, and eventual death. The special administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate have found one of MJ’s doctors secretly held $5.5 million in cash for the king of pop.

Dr. Tohme was a former financial advisor to Michael who got involved in the last year-and-a-half of Jackson’s life. He claims that the money he held for Michael was “a secret.

When Michael Jackson’s death was announced, Dr. Tohme claims he came forward to declare the money straight away, and says the money came from recording residuals and that the arrangement was “a secret between Michael and me.

Dr. Tohme claimed Michael’s money was going to be used to create a “dream home” in Las Vegas. The well-respected doctor says that Michael begged him, “Don’t tell anyone about the money.

The special investigators filed documents yesterday in the Michal Jackson probate case, and have recovered the $5.5million in cash from Jackson’s former financial advisor.

In the documents, they predict that Michael has more than enough cash to pay off his estimated $400 million in debts, and still have money left over for his heirs. The documents also state that Michael Jackson’s three children are beneficiaries of an insurance trust established by Jackson.

The proceeds have not yet been collected, which now explains why lawyers for the children have asked for a temporary allowance. The special administrators expect to generate “tens of millions of dollars” from various business deals which are now on the table.

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