Is Robert Pattinson Avoiding K-Stew While On A Night Out In LA?

robert pattinsonIs Robert Pattinson trying to avoid running in with his former girlfriend Kristen Stewart? Apparently, it appears to be so.

On July 25, the former Twilight star, who has just returned to Los Angeles after filming his new movie in Toronto Canada, while on a night out in LA, was seen having dinner with his friends at Shu in Bel Air, which is a sushi restaurant located far away from Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Both Robert, 27, and Kristen, 23, reside in the Los Feliz neighborhood. The former couple, who been in a relationship for four years split up in May.

A source told that, Robert is very likely trying to avoid Kristen, considering he’s having dinner in a restaurant in Bel Air. Shu is located in a small shopping complex in Bel Air, which is as far you can get away both from Silver Lake and Los Feliz. It’s a place where Kristen would never go probably.

Besides, Kristen won’t so happy if she sees Robert dining with another woman; even though we were told that it’s just a casual dinner. reported that the woman had dark hair and looked a little older than Robert, but it didn’t look like they were on a date or something. The woman wasn’t Riley Keough either. The source continued Robert and his buddies enjoyed beer and sake; they talked a lot and had a great time. They ordered a lot of food also, including kobe beef Tobanyaki, Miso Black Cod, Wagyu beef tacos, Lobster rolls, Shu rolls and Spider rolls. Robert was very polite and friendly with everyone and left the place with a 50% tip!

Robert is currently working on his new movie, Maps To The Stars, while Kristen is busy filming her new movie too, Camp X-Ray.

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