Is Jennifer Aniston still obsessed with her former husband Brad Pitt?

jennifer-anistonActress Jennifer Aniston is reported to still have feelings about her ex-husband and actor Brad Pitt.

The former “Friends” star was married to Brad from 2000 to 2005 and is now seeking one-on-one therapy sessions in a final attempt to rid herself of the unhealthy obsession with Pitt, according to ShowBizSpy.

One source said, Jennifer, who is now engaged with Justin Theroux, pulls out a box full of mementos of Brad, containing love letters, their wedding vows, photos of their romantic vacations abroad, and even one of his old T-shirts, which Jennifer claims still has Brad’s scent on it.

In fact, Jennifer has become so obsessed by Brad’s thoughts lately that she called in actress and her friend Courtney Cox to keep an eye on him via their mutual pal, David Fincher.

The source also added that Jennifer understands that if her fiancé, Justin knew how much she’s obsessed with Brad, then their relationship can be in jeopardy, so she signed up for a one-to-one counseling sessions as she want to take off her mind off Brad before she walks down the aisle with Justin.


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