Is Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift’s New Beau?

On July 4, Taylor Swift was spotted hugging, Maria Shriver’s son, Patrick Schwarzenegger. But now, Conor Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy’s son appears to be Taylor’s new love.

On July 25, Taylor, 22 and Robert, 18, are spending a lot of time together and photographed together at Marcella’s pizza, which happens to be a favorite of Kennedy’s family, in Mount Kisco, NY. They enjoyed having pizza’s and walked out holding hands, a source said.

A few days later, the couple went there again to grab some pizza, this time with Robert’s grandmother, Ethel Kennedy.

Then again on July 29, they had lunch with friends at Cape Code’s Baxter, where Taylor sat besides Robert and picked up some chicken fingers. Taylor was smiling and looked happy, observers say.

The couple was seen by The New York Post holding hands and kissing over the weekend.

Taylor seems to love for everything Kennedy. She called Jackie Kennedy, her style inspiration and was “starstruck” when Caroline and Ethel Kennedy met her in January.

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