HOT: Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Kissing

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have been working together lately on the set of Valentines Day, for which they are filming a cameo appearance. While the two Taylors were on set filming, the press managed to catch some photos of the pair passionately kissing, which im sure will make for very hot viewing when the film is released.

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner were totally playing tonsil tennis, eating each other out, snogging, whatever you wanna call it, they were going for it big time! The scene could almost be described as soft porn…. that’s how HOT it is.

Taylor Lautner was so pleased with his kissing performance that he even did a jumping flip.

I cant help feeling that these two would make a really cute couple. Anybody agree?

12 thoughts on “HOT: Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Kissing

  1. hey dude,Taylor Swift is such an amazing singer… and pretty fine too :)…Anyways, good stuff. Keep it up!

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  3. both of you are whores! Everytime news comes about the both of you seem to be with someone new.Its like who are they going to date next???

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