Hilary Duff is Fit & Fine as She Head’s to the Gym (PICS)

We all know that actress and singer Hilary Duff looks amazing when she’s all dressed up on the red carpet, but as these pictures show, she looks equally sexy when she’s dressed down while on her way for a workout at the gym.

Hilary was spotted in Los Angeles and happily smiled for the paparazzi, before meeting up with a gal pal for the days workout at the gym. Just last week, rumours started flying around of a romance between Hilary Duff and Joe Jonas after she was spotted leaving his house.

But Joe cleared up the rumors by saying: “My parents are her next door neighbors. I was leaving my parents garage, photographers must have been waiting for Hilary Duff. Their garages are right next to each other. So as I’m walking out, they take a picture of me, saying I’m leaving Hilary Duff’s house. Nick was like ‘I’m going to ruin this rumor for you’ and I was like ‘No, no let it ride for a while.’

So that’s another celebrity rumour cleared up.

Hilary Duff Pictures from The Gym

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