Heather Mills Was Attracted By The Challenge Of Dancing On Ice

41 year old Heather Mills has described Celebrity Big Brother as boring and she would rather scrub the streets than appear on it but she was up to take on the challenge of Dancing On Ice.

She wanted to be a contestant on Dancing On Ice because she would love to try out new things and she would love to challenge herself.

Back in 2007 she appeared on a US version of Strictly Come Dancing called Dancing With The Stars but she claimed it was no where near as tough as Dancing On Ice because you are dancing and skating at the same time.

Heather told digital spy “it is 20 billion times harder [than DWTS]. Give me  a bigger future and it is that. Dancing With The Stars i found fun and relaxed. i knew i wasn’t going to be the best dancer, but also knew i would surprise people because i love to dance and feel music so much”

She continued “It doesn’t matter how much you feel music [on DOI] if your legs are not working”

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