Heather Mills – Dancing On Ice Week 1 Performance

When it was announced that Heather Mills would be appearing on the new series of Dancing On Ice, many people questioned what her performance and ability would be like when you consider she only has one leg.

A lot of people on Twitter, (me included) clearly do not like Heather Mills, who divorced Sir Paul McCartney last year walking away with £24 million of his fortune, but we had to judge her based on her performance, and not whether we like her as a person or not, and it has to be said, she impressed me quite a bit.

While I do think the judges went a little easy on her compared to her fellow celebrities, so did pretty well, and managed to stay in the competition despite earlier predictions that she would be first to get the boot.

But what do you guys think of Heather Mills Dancing on Ice Week 1 Performance? Comments below please…

Heather Mills – Dancing On Ice Week 1

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