Gordon Ramsey ‘Won’t Be Impressed’ If Wife Tana Wins Dancing On Ice.

As you may all have heard over a year ago Gorden Ramsey cheated on wife Tana with Sarah Symonds but the flaming chef  won’t be impressed if his wife wins Dancing On Ice.

It wasn’t even a short affair they had, after last year Sarah claimed it was a 7 year affair!!! Sarah also claimed that the star’s ego would not like it if she won.

Symonds, 38, said: “There has only ever been room for one famous Ramsay in Gordon’s head – and that’s himself.”

She Continued: “In the early stages he will be very supportive and heap praise on his wife if she does well. But if Tana starts to capture the public’s eye and the judges imagination, then i feel very sorry for her. Gordon is a man with an ego the size of his native Scotland. He would become jealous if he started reading and hearing Tana being given a load of praise.”

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