Kim Kardashian spotted in Mississauga to Advertise Her Latest Perfume


Kim Kardashian was spotted in Mississauga for the promotion of her latest perfume. Sources revealed that in reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashian”, Kim Kardashian was seen at Ontano last day for the promotion of her latest signature perfume fragrance. On her arrival at Shopping Channels Studios she gave a rise smile and waived […]

Jennifer Aniston: London Landing (Pics)

Jennifer Aniston

Earlier on this morning Jennifer Aniston was spotted making her way through Heathrow airport and making the long flight overseas. She was spotted wearing: a white T – shirt with a black jacket, denim jeans and white Nike trainers and brown sunglasses. She looked very pretty. Jennifer is getting ready because she has a lot […]

Taylor Swift Rocks Sunrise (Pics)


Last night, Taylor Swift put on a really good show as she was continuing with her sold out arena tours in Florida and that concert will be a very memorable one! One of the costumes she was wearing in the show was: a short silver dress and a matching Taylor guitar and she looked absolutely […]

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth: Bicycle Buddies (Pics)


Yesterday afternoon Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were spotted through Toluca Lake partaking in a bike ride. ‘Hannah Montana’ star and her Aussie actor boyfriend seemed to be enjoying the beautiful sunshine as they were laughing away at each other as they were pedalling. Cyrus was wearing a purple checkered shirt with a black vest […]

Robert Pattinson Talks “Remember Me” (Pics)

Robert Pattinson

Earlier on this morning, Robert Pattison was spotted making a promotional apperance on the “Today” show. Pattinson, the teen sensation who attracts a lot of girls, was talking to Matt Lauer about how phenomenal his acting carreer is at the moment. Pattinson, looked ever so sexy wearing a brown jacket with a white shirt, trainers […]