Outrage as Frankie Boyle Joke’s over Ian Huntley, who Murdered Two 10-year-old Girls

Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has been heavily criticised today after making insensitive jokes about Ian Huntley, the Soham murderer.

In a live webcast via MySpace to promote his new book, Boyle said his dream chatshow guest would be Ian Huntley, who murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman – both 10 years old – in 2002.

Even the shows host, Will Chapman flinched and looked uncomfortable as Boyle said he would ask Huntley to “talk us through what happened.” Frankie added: “He’s everyone’s dream guest, you know. It’s just no-one will say it.”

Soham councillor Tony Parramint described the comments as “beyond the pale” and added: “Soham hasn’t, and probably never will, come to terms with the murders of those two little girls. Anybody who takes anything out of context really ought to be damned. We went through sheer unadulterated hell as a community when all this was going on. I know both families and this would be the last thing they would want.

A MySpace spokesperson said: “Frankie Boyle is well-known for his provocative humour and MySpace users would have been aware the webchat could contain strong material. But not wishing to cause offence, we have taken down the video.

It appears that all other online video sources have done the same. I’ve searched just about every online video website, and the videos are no longer available, although they were available on YouTube for a small amount of time.

7 thoughts on “Outrage as Frankie Boyle Joke’s over Ian Huntley, who Murdered Two 10-year-old Girls

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