Flirtatious Tweeters – Joe Jonas And Victoria Justice

One of our fave JoBro’s has got himself caught up in some friendly flirting with the lovely Victoria Justice. The lovely pair decided the best way to flirt was to flirt in short bursts of updates on the popular social network site, Twitter. Your probably wondering what made them flirt? maybe because they both like each other? Wrong answer. To support the most romantic day of the year, they decided to flirt in the aid of Valentines Day.

Both exchanged words over various topics such as Avatars, Grammy Awards and midnight bike clubs among them. Joe better watch out though as through one of the flirtatious updates, Victoria told Joe about her special dragon-fighting skills.

“You use a sword? I fight them with my bare hands. But thats after years of training, you’ll get there one day.”

Lets hope this romance doesn’t end down the drain like it did with Joe and Taylor Swift. We’ll be watching out for the breakup via Twitter than for a phone call to the press!

Catch Victoria Justice on Nickelodeon’s show, Victorious coming soon.

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